Look at where you are

Look at where you started

That fact that you’re alive is a miracle

Just stay alive, that would be enough

Lin Manuel-Miranda

There will be a longer blog post for this little guys 1st birthday in a few days, but just feeling sentimental and wanted to write something real quick. Snuggling this little guy for his nap, and I got a little emotional thinking about everything he has gone through in his short 12 months of life. More than most adults I know have had to deal with. He teaches me something new every day, and I am SO lucky to be his mom. His big party has had to be scaled WAY down for safety, and several key family members will be missing due to COVID concerns. But we will celebrate your life, and everything that you are. My miracle baby ❤

Cute pic below, longer blog this weekend with party details!

No description available.
A truly perfect human

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