Oh my gosh… I cannot believe that I have neglected this blog so long! Its been over five months! I didn’t even put up my kiddos birthday blog. At first I didn’t know how to just… jump back into things, but honestly? I think quarantine has thrown everyone for a loop, and jumping head first is just the way to go!

What has been going on since July? My kiddo turned the big O-N-E! We had a very small and socially distances birthday party with just grandparents, we ate way too much cake and went swimming. I instantly regretted getting the color cake I did…

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We are now 17 months old, and are gearing up for 2021, and have lots of medical appointments, and a surgery coming up. COVID has really changed our day to day life, and it has worn on us all, but overall?

We are happy.

The three of us are closer than ever, mom and dad have been working from home, and spend everyday with our little guy. He is the light of our life. Physical therapy continues to be amazing, we try to stand, which I think will be just around the bend after our next orthopedic surgery. Baby says lots of words, he is funny and charming and sensitive.

Mommy is back in therapy, which has been helping a lot. and is working on self care, which is a very hard thing to do when youre a busy special needs mom, who is also working a full time job.

Updated pic below of little guy. I promise I will not be a stranger for too long ! New posts incoming!

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