“Art is the highest form of hope”


Our last day in Philly pre fetal surgery we decided to head to the Museum of Art. This is bar none my favorite place in town. I’ve probably been at least three times and continue to always prioritize it on my list of things to do when I am in the area. The museum has varied time periods ranging from medieval and renaissance art, all the way through impressionism and more modern artists of North America. They have a huge eastern art exhibit where they have re-created entire rooms of Asian temples, and a very impressive arms exhibit if you are a nerd like me and love looking at swords and armor. I would have spent the entire afternoon looking at jousting armor but eventually they dragged me out.

We spent a lovely day looking around, enjoying and reading about beautiful things. I think this was just the medicine I needed before getting my procedure done. I needed to look at beautiful and historic things. It was a way for me to travel from the place I was, even just for a few minutes, and distract myself. I am a very artistic person. I spend a lot of my time expressing myself through my voice and theater hobbies, I assistant direct a stage show every summer for a local convention, (Shameless plug go and check out Metroconventions.com) and help edit and make creative choices for the same. When I’m not doing any of those things I perform with a local radio play company founded by my husband, called the Tales of Mild Interest Radio Theater. (Another shameless plug you can find us on FB @ Tales of Mild Interest OR on Instagram at TMIRadioPlays, we also can be found on Spotify as we were recently featured on there as part of the Atlanta Audio Fringe Festival) Art is what keeps me sane, its what keeps me moving and functional from day to day as it gives me an outlet for my feelings. Being without it for so long has been really difficult as there are many moments that I feel not only disconnected from those forms of expression, but also the many friends and huge support systems I have cultivated through said hobbies. It was so hard for me to have to talk to my various performance groups and let them know I was taking the summer off, that I would be very far away and out of touch, and unable to perform and also unable to just…. be WITH them for a very long time. As much as I knew and still believe that I was doing the right thing for my family and my baby, its hard to just pack up and leave your many friends, and especially for my convention schedule, it would mark the first time in 13 years that I wouldn’t be spending my summer with that group of people to create something amazing. That was tough to swallow. But I know they will welcome me back with open arms when I am able to return.

Luckily I can say that this outing was a good day. I hadn’t had many of those since…well since exactly March 27th during my anatomy scan in Tampa. Truly good days had been hard to come by, and I was grateful for this one. We looked all around the HUGE museum, my husband visited the statue of Rocky they have outside (yes just like in the movie, you can visit him on the front steps) We had a nice meal, and the weather was gorgeous, and I was surrounded by people who loved me, loved my baby, and wished us nothing but hope and good fortune.

Some pics and relevant links below. 🙂

Image result for Philly Museum of Art
Stock photo of Front of Museum (mine came out blurry)

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